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Breaking Ground

Thanks to the program Buy a Home/Build a Home , we are starting the construction of a new house that will finally provide a safe home for Jenel and his family. We are immensely grateful to the champions of this program, Carla Conti, Geysa Guarconi, and Beatriz Santiago of Douglas Elliman and KB Realty, for their dedication, generosity, and perseverance. Thanks to them, the Buy a Home/Build a Home program took off and is now flying high!

Four years ago, the eye of Hurricane Matthew passed 35 miles west of Ile-a-Vache, leaving a path of destruction behind it. Houses were destroyed, foundations were shaken, and families became homeless or had to live in houses with severely damaged structures. One of these families was Jenel’s.

Jenel lives with his parents and his five siblings in a small house that was badly damaged by the hurricane. Full of cracks and holes, the house has been slowly deteriorating over the years. The family’s wishes to fix it where crashed when a few years ago Jenel’s dad, a local fisherman, fell ill and had to stop working. Jenel works hard to help his family while continuing his studies at the university in Les Cayes. His heart is so big that, besides working hard for his family, he also helps others through our organization!