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Cultivating Contentment

Week of Wellness title 2

MINDFULNESS:  Cultivating Contentment

Course language: ENGLISH

Wednesday February 24
1:00 – 1:45 PM

In this class you will learn about: How do we find contentment and how do we maintain it?

With so many distractions and interactions posing to intrude in our lives, contentment is a reliable inner temple, we can go to, to re-set our minds, and our spirits, and actually reconect with our true essence.

Cultivating contentment is a process that provides us the appreciation and silence we need to accept everything — our life, our health, our situation, our everything — so we can truly and actionably continue moving forward. At times we may find our minds flooded with worries, fears, expectations, and uncertainty. So long as we can recognize the bombardment and not fall prey to it, we will open the door to observing how magnificent contentment can be. And the magnificent realization is that contentment can be found in our everyday reality. Thus, happiness and wellness can be found readily at our fingertips no matter how outstanding, or lack thereof, our lives look to the outside world. From this day on, let us commit to ourselves to cultivate contentment, because it must be an active part of our lives.


Veronica Vidal is an internationally renowned Yoga Master and Certified Life-Relationship Coach – Founder of VeroYogaTM and VeroLifeCoachTM, Keynote Speaker, Author, Fellow Founder of the World Happiness Summit (WOHASU) and Chair of the Global Yoga Community Board for the World Happiness Summit (2017, 2018, 2019).

For more than three decades, her yoga and coaching programs have been supporting growth by providing holistic resources to assist people to believe in themselves, to overcome challenges, and most of all to be empowered.

Veronica’s science degree in chemistry, blended with a lifelong study of coaching methods, health, practice and teaching of yoga, creates a unique fusion which bridges science and holistic approach to well-being. Furthermore, having conducted Cancer Research as a Research Associate, at the Oncology Department of Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, enabled Veronica to develop holistic methods which are well suited for cancer patients as part of the process of healing and recovery.

Veronica Vidal