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Why Do We Get Sick?

Week of Wellness title 2

Por Que Nos Enfermamos? 

Course Language: SPANISH

Why Do We Get Sick?
Monday February 22
10:30 – 11:30 AM

Conoce que hay detrás de nuestras enfermedades, que quiere decir nuestro cuerpo a través de ellas y que podemos hacer para sanarlas.

Join Cecilia Anderson to learn what is hidden behind our symptoms and what you can do to heal them.


Cecilia Anderson is a BodyTalk practitioner, Coach and Biodecoding therapist.

Originally, with her degree in Business Administration, she worked in mass consuming companies in Marketing and Sales areas. But in 2006 she got sick and had to stop working because no traditional medicine could help her. In search of recovery she tried out different healing therapies, complementary to traditional medicine, which helped her get back to health.

Since then she started exploring different techniques, specializing in some of them, developing her passion to help people transform their symptoms into opportunities to learn, grow and heal.